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Anonymous — “youtube(.)com/watch?v=Cmd8NILAkEk They aren't even hiding it much like from 9:40-10:00 and even like at 10:26 when harry asks Louis is he wants a bite and the insane sexual tension all the time like at 11:25-11:30 I haven't seen this interview before and their SO together...just like they always are but I just haven't seen this specific one yet”



This is like the easiest game of spot the couple ever. I’m Zayn.

They’re just in their own little world sniffing and eating the pie. Are they aware they’ve got an interview going on? 

And then Louis comments that it’s terrible for your breath. Why you so concerned, pal???

Harry offers him a bite :( SO CONSIDERATE :(

And then they do that thing where they can’t not touch each other for 2 freaking seconds so they nudge their legs up against each other. I feel like I shouldn’t even be watching. Everyone should just leave the room and give them some time to themselves. I think they need it.

Domestic in every sense of the word. And this is why we don’t get interviews anymore. Because it’s impossible for the boyfriends to not act like they’re married. 



Yo guys, I forgot to tell you that while I was in LA I saw a staged “candid” shoot take place at a hotel and it was the most epic thing ever.

Ok, so we were going to this really ritzy hotel bar and as we’re walking in, a black SUV pulls up and lets a guy out with his body guard (I’m assuming he was a rapper of sorts but idk who) and we were intrigued so we held back a little to watch. Then another car comes and it’s a pap and we’re like “what?!” and then the pap started telling the guy where to go and how to walk and took pics of him. THEN, another black SUV comes and a girl steps out and the pap starts telling her what to do and how to pose but made it looks “natural” and then papped them walking into the hotel together and we were like “oh my god is this for real?!?” then the two of them walked inside and we went to the bar.

Fast forward a little we’re on our way out, and we see the girl walking (alone) to her SUV and tell the driver “Yeah, just up here on the left” assuming that meant the way to her house or something.

So moral of the story is: Photographs don’t always tell the truth and are set up to make people believe something specific and it may not always be what is actually going on.

Good day.

You forgot to mention that he had his professional camera and his iphone to take pics. So he would switch off every couple pictures: he’d take pics with the professional camera and then run around them and take a picture with his iphone as to portray that a “fan” saw them together and was taking pics. It was absolutely hilarious to watch happen. 

People think that these kind of stunts aren’t happening on the daily, and let me tell you, to witness it first hand is really interesting and disturbing at the same time.


"Don’t throw it." - Glendale, Arizona (September 16, 2014)

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